We are recruting!

Are you interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups? Do you thrive by talking about new ideas and how to implement them? Do you want to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and help other people dive in with you? Then REEF is the perfect match for you! REEF is currently looking for five project team members to help arrange the events for REEF 2018.

As a project team member you will be the core of the arrangements for REEF 2018 and will have one of three different roles: marketing manager, business relations manager or logistics manager. We will work as a close team and help each other out with all different kinds of tasks which means that you will get experience in a lot of different areas, but most importantly, we will have a lot of fun together!

Apply before Sep 8th by sending your resume and motivation to reef@thsfuture.se.

As a business relations manager you will mainly be in charge of contacting and selling the events to companies, write contracts and keep the information flow between us and the companies steady so everyone is up to date.

As marketing manager you will be responsible for all marketing, including Facebook posts, photographing at the events, posters and other fun things!

As logistics manager you will be the one who keeps the whole events running smooth. You are the one who will order food, book sound and light equipment and make schedules for the events.